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"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."
-- Mahatma Gandhi

Our Mission: Bikers Against Animal Cruelty, Inc (B.A.A.C.) is an organized group of compassionate motorcycle enthusiasts who advocate against animal cruelty, promote responsible pet ownership and help to defray costs of emergency veterinary care for cruelty and neglect cases.

Our Vision:

To encourage a world where animals are treated with respect and dignity.
Our Core Values:
We do what we can to aide and advocate for animals in need with trust, integrity, honesty, respect, simplicity, and synergy.

Before BAAC was formed, a smaller group of biker friends would periodically have parties and fundraisers to raise monies and collect “shelter items” for the benefit of local animal shelters.  The shelter items were used to help accommodate animals housed in their facilities more comfortably and to supply the shelter workers with the necessary equipment to give these animals the best care possible.  Realizing there was a growing trend of biker support for the abused, neglected and unwanted pets at these parties, and no specific biker group in existence to help them, founders Cindy and VJ Peregolise, Jr. worked with their group of friends who already supported their efforts and cause to get one started.

The public outrage of the 2007 Michael Vick animal cruelty case amplified the need to help spread awareness of the daily atrocities inflicted on innocent animals who do not dictate their own lives.  
Through a personal website the members collaborated about developing a non-profit organization that
would represent all that we are compassionate about; motorcycles and animal welfare.  Individually, we may be able to help one animal here or there, but through a group effort, we will be able to help many.  With the first initial meeting, September 22, 2007, Bikers Against Animal Cruelty (B.A.A.C.) was founded.  

BAAC is not a rescue group but we work with many different rescue organizations. Through our volunteer efforts we strive to improve the lives of abused, neglected and unwanted animals everywhere through financial and material support, public outreach and education.  The main goals of BAAC are to bring awareness to the general public of the different types of abuse and cruelty; advocate for animal welfare; and educate on responsible pet ownership.  Through our awareness efforts, we try to significantly decrease the number of unnecessary animal abuse and cruelty cases.

The primary mission of our fundraising activities is to help defray the costs of veterinary care for themost severe cases of animal abuse and neglect of strays or surrendered pets on a case-by-case need.  We are also working with local veterinarians to establish a general fund for emergency animal care.

BAAC supports those domestic animals that have no one else looking out for them.  As Bob Barker always says, "Help control the pet population. Have your pet spayed or neutered."

UPDATE!!!  There has been some misinformation out in the media lately about B.A.A.C.  Please read the following to know who we are, and who we aren't.

As bikers, we represent “freedom”, so we do not push for stronger laws or stiffer penalties, even though we share the notion that they should be (or that WE be allowed to serve the penalties our own way ), we encourage the current laws to be enforced to the fullest capacity when it comes to animal cruelty.   

Also, our main focus is to raise money to defray the veterinary bills of cruelty cases and educating on
responsible pet ownership. If we can help in other ways, we do what we can with networking out needs, transporting animals through our areas, supplying food, blankets, towels, cleaning supplies, houses, kennels, etc. to rescues, shelters or just people down on their luck.   

We are not a rescue, but sometimes find it difficult not to step up and take in cruelty cases to care ourselves if we have the resources available to us (and the resources would be the money to 100% cover the vet bills along w/ a foster home to properly care or nurse the animal back to health).   

We are not animal control officers, so if someone knows of a cruelty case, they should contact their local animal control officer. Sometimes if they are being relaxed on their duties, we’ll help encourage them to be a bit more proactive and find out how we can assist the situation.

We do not do fundraisers for other shelters or rescues. If we have the resources, we try to supply necessary tools when proven needed to shelters or rescues so that the animals can be properly cared for and protected.

We are a small organization and people mistake us for being large with unlimited resources. We assure you this is not the case. We are all volunteers, no one in this organization is paid for any service we provide, we rely 100% on donations and public support.

Love, Loyalty, and Pain
Co-Founder of Bikers Against Animal Cruelty, Inc.

Let me just start by saying, I’m a dog guy. Love’em, always have, always will. So when I speak of animal cruelty, I tend to always steer towards dogs, I can’t help it, I’m a dog guy! I do however despise ever and all forms of animal abuse, and neglect!

Hundreds of cases come through our organization daily, through e-mail. My wife is tasked with the unenviable job of sorting through them nightly. It is case after case, from the most horrific cases of abuse, to the totally avoidable cases of neglect, such as embedded collars, or simple mange left untreated for months. In 99.9% of the cases that come in, none ever have the number one detail that I want, who and where is the owner? It just makes my blood boil, when I look at these pictures, and read the brief description of their condition, and I only see one 10th of what comes in. Puppies’ starved, broken bones left to heal by themselves, burns, chopped ears, and my all time number one reason for fighting animal cruelty, bait dogs! As I said, in all these cases the details of who had the dog, or exactly where he or she came from is never available, and I guess for my own freedom, and certainly for the perpetrators well being, that is for the best. I just want to find the person or persons responsible and show them what it is like to have the fear of god in their hearts, while writhing in more pain then a living being should be able to endure and still be breathing. Too graphic? Well I was taming down for ya. The real vision involves a blowtorch. These cancers on society, steal, buy, and adopt good natured
dogs, tie them to a stake or tree, and then train their fighting dogs to attack. This goes on day after day, with little to no medical attention rendered to all the wounds inflicted upon them. When they are done, when they are turned in to hamburger meat, they are left to die, in a dumpster, in the woods, or sadly, the lucky ones are killed in some other grotesque way. The “bait dogs” that have a little too much fight in them have their teeth removed or filed down, and not by a dentist. They have even been blinded! Just turns your stomach to think about it. Fighting dogs is bad enough, but when you see or hear the measures that are taken to “train” these dogs to fight, it’s even worse then the fights themselves. At least in the ring they have a fighting chance. This is not the case for the bait dog. He or she stands NO chance, it is seen to by the so called human beings that are involved.

Dog fighting speaks volumes about both the dogs involved, usually pit bulls in which I own three, and the so called humans.  The dogs that fight, need to be “trained” to fight, it is not in their nature. They are beaten, starved, and made to attack other dogs by humans. If it was in their nature to fight, they would only have to be put in a ring and it would happen. The problem is, doing that, would more then likely end up in some butt sniffing, a game of tag, a drink of water, and nap time, rather then a fight to the death. If you have ever owned a dog, you know they don’t want to fight. They want a blanket, a warm house, a bowl of food and water, a ball to call their very own, and your love. That’s it. That’s their nature. Even the few bait dogs that escape or are found still alive, once seeing a vet and given a whole lot of TLC, are affectionate and loving, even after all they have been through. Dogs are gentle, loyal and loving, everything we as humans should strive to be. Sadly, it is not in our nature.

The humans, that’s another story. These underdeveloped, knuckle dragging, drooling morons are the
animals. What kind of person, could perpetrate such cruel, and heinous acts against a defenseless, innocent animal?  It angers me to no end. I want to find them and hurt them. To me, they are no better then a person who hurts children. Unfortunately, the courts don’t see them in that way at all, but that’s a whole other story. I’d rather have a drug dealer, or even a hooker, living next do to me then one of these people. They are truly the menace to society. They have no honor and no balls. They are small people, with even smaller minds who need to feel big, or macho at the expense of the animals. I guess in some way we should feel bad for them too, but naaah, screw that, they deserve pain.

The word Dog, has always denoted the negative in the English language. Sick as a dog. Ugly as a dog. Dog breath, well that one is based on fact. Still, I just don’t understand how this came about. Calling somebody “a dog”? That should be a compliment!  We can learn a lot from dogs. They offer us love and loyalty unconditionally, and have for centuries. Most other species would have taken their ball and gone home decades ago. Given up on us! A dog would never do that, and that’s their nature. So as I see it, it is all of our job to protect them from those who mean to do them harm. They’ve earned that much. To say nothing, To do nothing, Stops Nothing!
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B.A.A.C. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization